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Headquartered in Delaware, with support offices in Austin, Texas, Mailstorm LLC provides powerful email marketing software that enables companies and businesses to engage with their customers, generate leads and even automate sales routines. Our engine is optimized for high deliverability and helps you avoid common email marketing mistakes that can damage your ability to get emails into inboxes.

Our Team

Effective email marketing has grown into a difficult technical challenge for many businesses and companies, which is why the Mailstorm team consists of email marketing experts and developers with a keen understanding of the unique IT challenges inherent in sending emails. Our support experts care about your success, and like you we’re marketers who don’t like all the restrictions of other email platforms. We put our skills to use for you and your company to help increase the results of your email campaigns.




Leo stepped into role of CEO in 2023, and is dedicated to the success of Mailstorm clients.



Director of Marketing

Miles is the guy in charge of all marketing and content creation for Mailstorm LLC.

Jeanette Daniels Mailstorm Staff


VP Finance & Operations

Ms. Daniels oversees the daily financial operations and analysis of Mailstorm LLC.



Customer Support Specialist

Richard is a veteran of email marketing success, and is the primary contact for valued customers.

Mailstorm is a comprehensive service that offers a range of benefits to help our clients build stronger connections with their customers. We take pride in working with businesses that may not receive the attention they deserve from other email marketing platforms. Our service not only provides software tools, but also the necessary infrastructure to run that software, along with a robust email delivery network that ensures our customers' emails reach more inboxes while safeguarding their sender reputation from common email marketing errors.
Nowadays, it's tough for DIY email marketers to succeed online. The majority of email inboxes are controlled by tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Yahoo. Even small mistakes can cause emails to be sent straight to spam, making it difficult to reach customers. This can have a huge impact on a company's growth, since email is such an important part of marketing campaigns. Mailstorm is here to help customers of all skill levels avoid common pitfalls and follow best practices that generate the best results.

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