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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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I can't decide between the Starter tier and the Pro tier. Which is right for me?

Mailstorm’s “Starter” tier is ideal for those who are relatively new to email marketing. If you plan to send less than 50k emails per month and also don’t need the advanced automation, testing and survey benefits found in other tiers, then “Starter” is your best plan.  Our “Pro” tier has a much higher limit, you can use it to send to to 300k emails per month. All “Pro” plans provides priority support and add in advanced performance tools like split-testing, surveys, auto-responders and triggers.  The “Pro” tier also provides additional geo-location tools that can be insightful to those who send emails to more than one country.

Can I send more than 300k emails per month with Mailstorm?

Absolutely.  If you have a high volume of monthly relays then you’re perfect for our “Enterprise” tier which scales up to millions of emails per month.  You’ll gain all the benefits of the “Pro” tier plus dedicated support and a dedicated, pre-warmed IP so you have additional control over your sending reputation.  Optional features also become available at this tier, including dedicated IP sending pools for higher volume sending, and list cleaning services available on at cost.

Can I send immediately after signing up for an account?

We put each new account application through a quick review process, which is designed to protect the integrity of our platform.  Most accounts are reviewed and approved rather quickly, same business day. In the meantime you’ll be able to login right away to start creating and setting up your lists and campaigns.

A lot of my emails are going to spam boxes. What can I do about this?

Deliverability issues can be frustrating because the inbox providers like Gmail and Microsoft don’t provide much information about why they do or don’t like a particular sender. It’s possible they don’t like your bounce rates, the content of your emails, or they’re getting too many complaints about your campaigns. If you’re having issues, reach out to Mailstorm support and we’ll take a look at your account and provide you with some personal recommendations.

Do you prohibit adult content?

Most email marketing services prohibit all adult content. For most of these services, adult companies aren’t a big enough customer group to make a difference. Mailstorm is different. We don’t have any restrictions on legal adult content, and we have a history of working with ethical and honest adult companies who are doing very legitimate and effective email marketing. As long as the content you send is legal and follows all the rules and regulations as well as our Terms and Conditions, you can use Mailstorm without worry.

Do you have an API?

Of course.  If you need to use our API, please contact support for help acquiring your API key.

I need to upgrade or change billing details, how do I do this?

To upgrade your plan, look for the “Upgrade” button in the top navigation menu. If you would like to update your billing details, just visit My Account -> Payment Options. If you would like to upgrade beyond the “Pro” tier, need to downgrade, or would like to purchase list cleaning services, just contact sales for help.

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