Easily Create Email Campaigns

Easily create great email campaigns using templates and a simple email editor.

Easily Create Email Campaigns

When you have a Mailstorm account you have everything you need to generate engaging marketing emails in just minutes. Mailstorm provides the following benefits with every account type:


    • Create something completely new with our WYSIWYG editor, or start by using one of our professionally designed email templates made to look create in any inbox, including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Apple and more.


    • Our editor makes it simple to change existing email templates with just a few clicks. Modify text or colors with ease, and insert new images whenever you want.


    • If you already have an email design you want to use, you can upload that design straight to your Mailstorm account, or just import it from an existing webpage.


    • Hosting of your images is included with all Mailstorm accounts.


    • If you’d like to personalize your emails, you can use the editor to insert code that Mailstorm will know to replace with personalized data before sending to a recipient. This is a great way to add a subscriber’s first name, for example, to any campaign.


    • If you have HTML skills then you can always switch the editor to HTML mode, which lets you directly edit the HTML of your emails before sending them.



July 18, 2023


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