Manage Your Subscribers

Mailstorm makes it easy to manage each individual subscriber to your lists.

Manage Your Subscribers

With Mailstorm you have multiple ways to add contacts to your email lists. You can collect subscribers from your website using a simple website form, or if you have existing subscribers you can import them from a CSV or Excel directly into your Mailstorm account and assign them to the appropriate contact lists.


You can also use your Mailstorm account as a contact CRM, with the ability to store information about each subscriber such as their name, birthday, phone number(s), address and more. Need to keep track of something not included by default? You can easily add custom fields to your contact lists, then use that information in your email campaigns; for example, you can customize emails by having Mailstorm insert the recipient’s first name to personalize them and increase engagement.


July 18, 2023


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