Manage Your Contact Lists

Mailstorm lets you create, build, manage and engage your email lists.

Manage Your Contact Lists

Unlike other platforms, Mailstorm doesn’t limit you to a certain number of contacts, so create as many lists as you’d like and fill them with customers, leads, followers and prospects.


With contact lists you can group your contacts based on any number of traits. For example, you might create a list of people interested in a specific product or service, or you might create a list for people you met at a trade show or conference.


Mailstorm will automate best practices through a number of key software features, such as double opt-in subscriptions and easy unsubscribe request processing. Mailstorm also includes automatic bounced email handling that’s designed to keeps your email lists filled with only engaged contacts. Best practices result in best inbox delivery to big email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and more.


July 17, 2023


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